Molding businesses across Kenya have discovered the advantage that comes with using kafum molding equipment's like pillar column molds, Culvert mold, louver blocks molds, Pigment Pond Edge Molds, Post Spacers, Rotary Paving molds ,Round Molds, Sidewinder Molds, Spanish Molds, Stepping Stone Urns molds, Culverts Side slab molds, Road Kerb molds, Road channels molds, Fence post Mold, Waffles molds, Inverted Block Drainage molds, precast steel molds, cabro block machines both manual cabro and automatic cabro and Columns Ventilation molds. This is because of the quality of materials used in this molding equipment's and quality workmanship

A terrazzo machine discovery is one of the greatest innovation of our time. terrazzo floors are permanent long lasting beautiful and feels good to step on. all this could not have been possible without the discovery of a terrazzo grinding machine. kafum engineering has been on the fore front in research and development of good quality, powerful long lasting, effective and efficient terrazzo machine in Kenya which has endeared it to many construction companies in Kenya

makingaInterlocking Stabilised Soil Block (ISSB) technology has been gaining recognition, particularly in East Africa. This material and method of construction has the advantages of low cost and minimal environmental impact, while providing comparable quality to conventional fired brick construction. at kafume engineering we are comited do designing and manufucturing ISSB machines using high quality material yet mentaining the affordability factor. this has seen many young people start micro blick manufucturing plants creating jobs and providing livelihood for thousands of families in kenya. listed below is the machine specification.

Two designs soil or concrete materials.prospikx005
Cheap, Durable easy to operate
Total Mass soil Machine -140Kg
Concrete and Soil 300-340Kg
Pressure 60-100 tons
Typical Block & Brick Size 290mm x 140mm x 115mm, 300mm, 150mm, and 100mm

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